You want your next event to be a huge success. By following these 5 top tips for a fantastic event, you’ll make it so much easier and ensure things run smoothly on the big day.

1. Know Your Event Guests

Knowing the guests at your event can be the difference between success and failure. What are their preferences? Do they like large or small portions at a lunch or a dinner function? How many people are coming? The more information you have about your guests, the more you can customise the experience to WOW them.

2. Special Needs

Following on from knowing your guests, it’s also important to check prior to the event if your guests have any special needs. Are their dietary requirements? Is wheelchair access needed? Knowing these special needs and acting on them well in advance will prevent unnecessary embarrassment on the event day.

3. Who’s in Charge of your Event

Knowing who will be team leader for the food on the day will mean you have a go to person that will be able to answer your questions and act on your requests through out the day. Ensuring that they also know who to speak with should any questions arise will definitely help communication and create a smoothly run experience.

4. Be Open About Your Event Budget

Sometimes it may feel like by disclosing your budget that you may not get the best deal. But in actual fact, if you’re open about what budget limitations you have for an event you will often get far more value and a far better experience by stating it up front. Let the supplier help you design a menu that not only keeps you under budget but provides the best solution with the money you have available.

5. Avoid Assumptions

The devil is in the details and if you assume that something is provided you may get a nasty surprise. So we’d suggest asking if you’re not sure about any element of the event and how it will be delivered to your guests. Are napkins provided? How will food be served? Will staff be in uniform? Feel comfortable in asking any questions you don’t have the answers for. We’re here to help.

Following these suggestions will improve your next event if you take advantage of them. We wish you the very best of luck and hope that your next big day is the success you always dreamed.

Remember, if you need any assistance getting your event just right, please contact us to discuss how we can help you provide an experience your guests will thank you for.