Hot beef rolls are simple, yet the most sumptuous appetisers for any spit roast party. Whether, it is an outdoor gathering, a picnic, a corporate event, party or any occassion – the roast beef rolls catering by Melbourne Spit Roast is going to make you a hit amongst the guest. These rolls prove that the simplest preparations are the most delectable, making the hot roast beef and gravy rolls lip-smacking delicious.

With highly professional services in roast beef rolls catering Melbourne, we cater to the needs of a wide range of clients and functions. These hot rolls are perfect for big crowd and casual events – basically perfect for office party, corporate event, birthday parties, community festivals, presentation ceremony, sports club party, farewell, retirement, wedding function, outdoor gathering, adventure outing and more.

Complete with freshly baked long rolls, perfectly spit roasted meat and your choice of sides, there is nothing that can go wrong with this menu! Our professionally trained team can ensure that your guests have the best culinary experience with our roast beef rolls catering Melbourne.


With a lot to give, we provide options in do-it-yourself or fully-staffed catering. Our pricing is based on ‘per head’ basis, making our services an affordable option for all our clients. With generous serving of 2-3 slices every guest, we are sure that your guest go back home full and content.

  • Slow roasted meat options in lamb, pork, beef, poultry and ham
  • Fresh and crusty bread rolls
  • Best quality gravy and apple sauce
  • Other options in salads, sides, butter and desserts
  • Roast vegetables and gourmet salads

So, if you want to serve irresistibly tender and juicy marinated roast beef with freshly baked rolls in brown gravy – look no beyond Melbourne Spit Roast for roast beef rolls catering Melbourne. Call our friendly staff to discuss your needs now!